Torben Mølgaard-Andersen



" Torben Mølgaard-Andersen is hard and pushy in his work. The humour is harsh. 

He displays a rough virility and depicts a chaotic and weird world. A courageous artist".

Aalborg Stiftstidende, Denmark

"....absolute and extreme fantasy...."

Fernande Angel, L'Express, France

" his grotesque and bizarre world, modern world gets a kick Torben Mølgaard-Andersen's satirical work. 

A real talent."

Vendsyssel Tidende, Denmark

"Lou Reed is looking down, through heavy sunglasses, at the spectators at Odder Art Society's summershow. 

Torben Mølgaard-Andersen's universe is figurative and at times surreel with input from from cartoons

...these are not nice and normal pictures"

Odder Avis, Denmark

Short bio

Born 1954 in a small town near the second-largest city in Denmark: Aarhus. Ordinary danish childhood on black bread and porridge, school, highschool. Discovered surrealism at the age of 12 when I presented a drawing of flying hands to my mother, who said:

"That's surrealistic". She should know, 'cause there are 4 painters in the family. My father converted the garage to a studio and here I did woodcuts in early cubist style listening to Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Salvador Dali and any -ism of the 20th century became focuspoints.

Attended the Aarhus Art Academy where I had formal training for 4 years and made friends with other painters. A happy time. Discussing, smoking cigars, drinking, romancing the models. Peter Skriver, Iwan Johnsen and I founded an art group, "Paria", and had exhibitions across Europe and Scandinavia.

Lately I have started to make modern, protestant based icons in Scandinavian tradition and imagery. A major inspiration is murals and relics from Danish medieval churches.

I live in Malling now, a small town in Denmark, with my wife of 38 years, Ella. Only a mile from the sea. As a dane I have to be able to get to the sea quick. Or else I feel trapped.


Aarhus Art Academy 1971 - 1975

Studies with graphic artist Thomas Arnel

Studies with painter Jens Thomsen

Studies with painter Nikolai Mølgaard Andersen

Thank you for your interest and don't hesitate to contact me for further information. I would love to hear your opinion and feedback.



1973 Aarhus Art Academy, Denmark

1973 Gallery Vestergade 58, Denmark

1973 Rotterdam Cultural Center, Holland

1973 Danish Police Art Foundation, Denmark

1973 Oslo Art Academy, Norway

1974 Groupshow Bremen, Germany

1974 The Artist's Easter Exhibition, Denmark

1975 Gallery Clemens, Denmark

1978 Ceres Art Circle, Denmark

1979 Galerie Regine Lussan, Paris, France

1980 Gallery Stald 15, Denmark

1980 Galerie Glaub Cologne, Germany

1981 Blackheath Gallery London, England

1982 Art Foundation of the Danish State Radio, Denmark

1982 Gallery Stald 15, Denmark

1982 Woodstock Gallery London, England

1983 Gallery Borgen, Denmark

1984 Fall Exhibition Svendborg, Denmark

2003 The Artist's Easter Exhibition, Denmark

2006 The Artist's Easter Exhibition, Denmark

2007 Crossworlds Gallery, Secondlife

2008 Crossworlds Gallery, Secondlife

2009 Omni Market Gallery, Secondlife

2010 Odder Art Society, Odder Kunstforening Denmark

2010 Crossworlds Gallery, Secondlife

2010 Burning Man, Secondlife and the US, California

2011 Crossworlds Gallery, Secondlife

2011 The Criss MCA, Secondlife

2023/2024 The Art Foundation at Aarhus Ø, Denmark


Majsvænget 58, 8340 Malling Denmark

+45 26 20 13 58